Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Real Americans in Paris

When I moved to Paris, I thought I would immerse myself totally in French life with my French friends. While this has been important, what has been equally important is getting to know other Americans who are flourishing here. some have been here for decades, some for a year or two.

So I've been making the rounds of my American friends and acquaintances, famous, not-yet-famous, anonymous or just plain fun. The project? I am starting a new blog devoted to showcasing their lives here in the City of Light.

Criteria for being "Real Americans in Paris" is somewhat arbitrary: no French mother or father, and not having spent one's childhood or part thereof in Paris.

Each interviewee will get a Proust-type questionnaire in advance, and we'll meet for an interview, in the interviewee's favorite Paris location for photo-op.

A la prochaine!


Vincent said...

Should be interesting to read! Even for frenchies like me ;)

Polly said...

We have some great interviewees lined up... stay tuned!

LPC said...

Looks very interesting indeed.

Starman said...

Perhaps you could have Ariane put a small copy of the mug as the Polly-Vous Francais m├ętro stop instead of the plain dot.

Victoria said...

i'm looking forward to this blog!
it's going to be wonderful!